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About Us

Supplying Canada with a wide range of high quality piping tools, RNR Tools is a family owned business that prides itself on customer satisfaction, and extensive knowledge and experience in the piping industry.

Robert Watts, owner and president, has over 50 years in the plumbing, pipefitting and heating business.  

RNR Tools has been importing REMS tools since 1997, and have been using them since 1985.

RNR Tools is Canada’s supplier for all your plumbing tool needs. Bringing in tools from around the globe, carrying lines including REMS, Pace Machinery, Stout Saws and US Saws, RNR Tools offers a full line of high quality tools required for all piping needs.

REMS, at the forefront of technical advance, development is never finished. High quality German made tools for all your pipe working needs. REMS tools are of the highest quality and durability, backed by nearly 100 years of the finest German quality tool manufacturing. Since its foundation in 1909 REMS has been developing products for pipe working, especially for sanitary and heating installers.

MCC has been manufacturing professional quality plumbing & construction hand tools since 1916. Supplying such items as rod cutters and replacement dies for these tools, MCC is the brand which guarantees quality cutters for pipe. MCC is the original mechanical and design patent holder for the ratcheting PVC pipe cutters which we introduced into the North American market over 25 years ago. Pace Machinery is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of roll grooving machinery, with a strong line of other pipe preparation equipment as well.

ASP continually introduces new tools that address specific everyday applications in new construction; maintenance and repair that will make the work go along easier, faster and be more profitable.

U.S Saws is the premium supplier of saws, grinders and drills. Supplying saw blades, multiple tools required for cutting, U.S Saws is the go to for your cutting needs.

Stout Tool Corporation, the World’s only one hand operated cordless portable band saw.5